Cranial Adjusting Turner Style

“The Bones in the Skull Do Move.

There are 22 bones in the skull, joined by sutures. In the mid-1960s, John E. Upledger proved that there is a space between the cranial bones and the brain and that the bones in the skull are indeed movable.

Concussions and head injuries will move the bones of the skull out-of-place, physically compressing the brain itself, and compressing the space between the skull and the brain. This space, called the subarachnoid space, contains blood supply and also the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. Both the blood supply and the cerebrospinal fluid bring nutrition to the brain and remove toxins. When the subarachnoid space and the brain are compressed by a head injury, brain function is impaired by the compression.

What’s worse, the brain is unable to heal itself because the flow of nutrition is reduced and the removal of toxins is lessened. This can lead to a host of devastating symptoms which will be permanent and even become progressively worse as time goes on. The solution is to realign the cranial bones, moving them back to their original position as much as is possible, restoring the full flow of blood and cerebrospinal fluid. This allows the brain to heal itself and normal brain functioning to return.”

–  Turner Concussion and Wellness Centre

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